Schoolhouse Educational Fonts



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Continuous Cursive




Very Slanted



Schoolhouse Educational Handwriting Fonts are a typical example of a commercial type family that is used to produce government approved handwriting textbooks in Canada. This family is used in publications such as Canadian daily cursive writing practice. Since most textbooks in the country follow MacLean’s Method of Writing, comprising print script and cursive writing, similar to certain approaches in the United States, they use fonts produced for the American market that support similar models.

Schoolhouse Educational Handwriting Fonts were developed by vLetter, an American company founded in Oregon in 1988. Letter supply fonts in several handwriting styles, and their educational font packages represent popular American Palmer-based and print script models, such as the Zaner-Bloser and D’Nealian systems, which structurally fit the shapes proposed by MacLean’s approach.

The cursive component of Schoolhouse Educational Handwriting Fonts are in a continuous cursive style. They are based on narrow, elliptical shapes, and have a steep slope. The uppercase letters are ornate and traditional.


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