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Brigitta Falk’s book series Handskrift (2010) features stavskrift, the cursive style developed by Jakob Rask Arnesen (1918-2008) and Sigrun Nygaard Moriggi in 1973, in a new typeface family called Norsk Stavskrift designed by Ida Nygaard in 2010. Both Arnesen and Moriggi’s original work, and this typeface family were developed for the book publisher H. Aschehoug & Co.

In first grade, uppercase and lowercase trykkskrift, or simplified print is taught; it has unconnected letters. In the middle of the second year or beginning of the third, students learn stavskrift, which has joining strokes between letters.

Default and alternative uppercase letters in Norsk stavskrift

Norsk Stavskrift shows a modern cursive style, some with some features borrowed from continuous cursive writing, especially in letters such as the b, p and s. It is slanted, its lowercase letters are semi-joined and have a slanted oval as their foundational form. It has regular x-height and medium extenders. The uppercase has two styles or variants: simple cursive or simplified print style forms.


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