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Cursive Dumont was developed by Danièle Dumont, a doctor in language sciences, and professor of pedagogy and rehabilitation of writing. The principles of her method were introduced in the first edition of Geste d’écriture, published in 1999. In 2017, Dumont developed an associated digital typeface family, which has since been adopted by educational publishers, like Larousee and Hatier.

Sample pages of Cahier d’écriture (6–8 ans). Méthode Boscher, Belin Editions. 2015.

The typeface family offers two variants: Cursive Dumont Maternelle which features uppercase print letters, and can be introduced to students in preschool (5 years old); and Cursive Dumont Elementaire, which has cursive uppercase letters, and must be taught elementary school onwards (6–10 years old).

Cursive Dumont is an upright, continuous cursive model with joined lower and uppercase letters, and extender loops. Lowercase letters derive from round shapes, while the (cursive) uppercase are ornate, narrow and tall, with a height three-times that of the lowercase.


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