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Continuous Cursive




Very Slanted



Although the current model of cursive handwriting instruction is widely used in Romanian schools, there is a lack of information regarding its origins and adaptations. The slanted grid that guides the drawing and spacing of letters dates back to a 1950s primer called Abecedar. It continues to be a standard tool in Romanian primary schools today even if the slope of the grid, the writing tools, and even some of the letter shapes have changed with time.

No specific typeface that represents this model has been referenced or recorded, despite its presence in a majority of handwriting textbooks. As a result, educators in Romania often have to manually reproduce the cursive model to create their own teaching materials.

The letters are slanted, in a fully-connected continuous cursive style, and have medium-length, looped extenders. The use of the sloped grid affects the drawing of letters in different ways. For instance, the “a” becomes very narrow, “m” and “n” have long entry strokes, and the space between letters is very tight in some cases.


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