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In 1998, education publisher Liber AB tasked renowned type designer Bo Berndal (1924-2013) with creating a new corporate typeface. The design, known as Liber Script, also came to be the primary representation of the handwriting style, textad stil, which is widely used for teaching in Swedish schools. Since its inception, the typeface has undergone numerous technical upgrades by Carolina Laudon, who has also incorporated new requirements that have been requested by teachers and education specialists hired by the publisher.

Liber Script has been prominently featured in numerous contemporary teaching collections by Liber AB, ranging from kindergarten to upper primary education. Some of the most notable examples include Liber Läs Lästräna A and Livet i Bokstavslandet Handstilsbok.

Sample pages of Livet i Bokstavslandet Handstilsbok åk 2, 2018. Ulf Stark , Marika Nylund Ek , Marie Trapp , Lena Palovaara , Tarja Alatalo, Liber AB.

The typeface is characterized by a single set of unjoined and upright simplified printed letters. The uppercase letters have a pronounced geometric appearance, while the lowercase is somewhat more organic in design, and features medium extenders and wide proportions. An oblique version of the font is featured on several book covers, but it is not used in the copy sheets on internal pages.


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