Our work on Primarium wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contributions of our international collaborators.

Alejandro Paul


As one of the founders of the https://www.sudtipos.com project, Ale’s typographic works of quality and intricacy have contributed enormously in placing Argentina firmly on the map of graphic design.

Anca-Georgiana Simion


Anca is a lecturer at the Department of Educational Sciences at Babeș-Bolyai University. Before becoming a lecturer, she was a primary school teacher for seven years. She has a doctorate in Education and two master’s degrees in School Counseling and Psychopedagogical Assistance and Curricular Management.

Andrea Braccaloni


Trained at Milan Polytechnic Faculty of Architecture, Andrea is co-founder of the design and communication agency, Leftloft, where he works as design director, type designer, and expert in communication strategy and analysis.

Ann Bessemans


Legibility expert and award-winning graphic and type designer, Ann founded the READSEARCH legibility research group at the PXL-MAD school of Arts and Hasselt University, where she teaches typography and type design.

Annie Hjort Pedersen


Handwriting book author and associate professor emeritus with over 30 years of subject experience, Annie taught handwriting at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN), and was Danish writing teacher’s association chairman.

Antonio Herrera Infantes


A self-taught type designer who is now retired, Antonio worked as an advertising and graphic designer before creating typefaces for school students in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Antti Alanko


Senior lecturer in Turku UAS with over 20 years of work experience in visual communication design. Antti’s current research develops pedagogical models for lifelong learning, social design tools, and more.

Betina Naab


Graphic designer from University of Roehampton, England, specialising in calligraphy. Betina has been teaching since 1995 and has provided calligraphy services as part of Roballos/Naab Studio since 2003.

Carolina Laudon


As former president of https://atypi.org/ and a Swedish Arts Grants Committee grant recipient, Carolina is an independent type designer at her design studio, Laudon Design AB in Gothenburg, Sweden, and specialises in corporate typefaces.

Cristóbal Henestrosa


Cristóbal is a type designer, book designer, and professor at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Daniela Moretto


Daniela Moretto is a graphic designer who focuses on digital and manual creativity. She teaches handwriting workshops and designs educational materials for SMED, of which she is co-founder and president.

Deepa Pal


Deepa is a government school teacher for English with fifteen years of experience.

Elsa González Paz


With degrees in preschool education, in childhood, culture, and development, and in literature, Elsa has written school textbooks for fundamental areas of preschool, has taught at universities and colleges, and lectured internationally.

Erin Harris

United States of America

Erin has been a kindergarten teacher at Florida Virtual School (FLVS) since September 2020.

Ermin Međedović


Ermin Međedović is a renowned graphic and type designer, and design director at Delo Publishing. He has worked for agencies, owned a design studio, and taught type design at the Design Academy in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Eugenia Roballos


María is a graphic designer specialising in calligraphy. Since 2003 she has been part of the Roballos/Naab studio, dedicated to providing calligraphy services. She has also been a teacher since 1997.

Ezihe Lydia Onuoha


Ezihe Lydia Onuoha, has 31 years of experience on the Nigerian Education Sector, 17 years as a classroom teacher and rising to the position of a Deputy Director in the Lagos State Ministry of Education. Currently, serves as the Deputy Chief of Party United States Agency for International Development, Leveraging Education Assistance Resources(LEARN) project. An experienced Early Grade Reading Specialist, skilled in curriculum and material development, educational research, book supply chain.

Felipe Cáceres


Felipe is a designer specialising in typography, editorial design, and information design, and professor for the Diploma in Typography at Catholic University of Chile. He develops branding, museography, interfaces, book projects, and typeface designs.

Frank E. Blokland


Type designer, senior lecturer in type design at the (KABK), and professor and research fellow at the Plantin Institute of Typography, Antwerp. Frank founded Dutch Type Library in 1990.

Gabriel Martínez Meave


Graphic and typographic designer, illustrator, speaker, and Mexican calligrapher. Gabriel has carried out identity and brand projects, artistic work, illustration for books, and original typography design, distributed by Adobe and Sudtipos.

Grzegorz Klimczewski


Born in 1957 in Wroclaw, Poland at a time of deep communism, Grzegorz is a self-taught typographer who is interested in graphics, typesetting, and printing techniques.

Guðbjörg Rut Þórisdóttir


Guðbjörg is head of department, literacy consultant, and reading specialist at Menntamálastofnun (MMS) at the National Institute of Education in Iceland.

Gunnlaugur S.E. Briem


California-based designer and author with a PhD from the Royal College of Art. He helped introduce cursive handwriting in Iceland, where his method and manuals have been used in classrooms for over 20 years.

Ida Nygaard


As a typographer and graphic designer, Ida transformed the handwriting models Stavskrift and Løkkeskrift into digital typefaces, which are currently used to teach handwriting to Norwegian children.

Imogen Wendel

New Zealand

New Zealand Country Manager at Twinkl Educational Publishing, Imogen has experience developing products for global education markets, and previously worked with TypeTogether to develop the Twinkl typefaces for UK classroom use.

János Hunor Vári


János Hunor Vári is a type and graphic designer, art director originally from Hungary, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Recent graduate of the Master Type Design programme of ECAL – Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne. His practice is built on experimenting with unexpected tools and materials, and on a speculative and playful approach to serve both cultural and commercial purposes. 

Joana Correia


Joana is a Portuguese type designer who leads Nova Type Foundry, where she publishes her fonts and creates custom ones. She has degrees in architecture, communication design, and type design.

Jonathan Dubay

United States of America

Jonathan is CEO at Handwriting Success, LLC, which publishes Getty-Dubay Italic handwriting curriculum for students and adults.

José Manuel López Rocha


Typography researcher for indigenous Mexican languages, Manuel is the founder, graphic designer, and typography designer at Estudio Cuatro Ojos. He is a professor at Anahuac Veracruz University and collaborates at And Repeat Inc.

José Manuel Urós


José Manuel Urós (born in 1956) is a programmer, graphic designer, and type designer. In 1990, he founded the typographic design company Type-Ø-Tones with Joan Barjau, Enric Jardí, and Laura Meseguer. Since 1993, he has taught courses on interface and icon design, as well as typography at Eina, IED, and IDEP in Barcelona, Spain.

Karen Engelbrecht

South Africa

Karen is a primary school teacher and Head of Department Foundation Phase at Loreto School Queenswood in Pretoria.

Karen Santillán


Karen is a primary level teacher with nine years experience teaching. She currently teaches Initial Level at Colegio Inmaculada Concepción, a private school in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Kate Gladstone

United States of America

Kate (MLS, 1989: Long Island University) consults on handwriting techniques, designs handwriting aids, and wrote Read Cursive Fast (2021: National Autism Resources), a guide to deciphering cursive handwriting styles.

Kelsey Hallahan

New Zealand

New Zealand-based Product Owner for Twinkl New Zealand and primary school teacher. Kelsey has experience in a variety of New Zealand school settings, working with children of varying ages and needs.

Khải Nguyễn


Khải is a Vietnamese type designer and typography researcher currently studying at ANRT, France.

Kote Soto


Kote is an editor, designer, and typographer who runs http://negro.cl/. He has a Master’s degree in strategic design, teaches design and typography, and is a title project guide and innovation tutor.

Laura Bravar


A retired psychological testing assistant and member of SMED, Laura is co-author of Il corsivo dalla a alla z (Erickson). She specialised in the rehabilitation of learning disabilities for years, particularly dysgraphia.

Laura Corral


Laura is the Director of Elementary School and Initial Level at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Lotta Rennéus


Graphic designer and design manager at publisher Liber AB. With various publishing brands and for many years, Lotta has designed and developed learning materials for children and adult students, including covers and layout.

Louise Rønberg


Louise is an Associate Professor and a reading and writing expert at University College Copenhagen.

Luciana Piccoli


With a doctorate in education and degree in pedagogy from UFRGS, Dr Piccoli is a Professor at the Department of Teaching and Curriculum at the Faculty of Education (FACED) at UFRGS.

Luciano Arnold


Luciano is a senior art director and graphic designer who specialises in editorial, branding, and web design. He translates concepts into creative designs to make information appealing and easier to understand.

Luz Dary Valencia Pinzon


Licensed in preschool education and a magister in teaching, Luz Dary has taught at the Bogotá Secretary of Education since 2011. She earned degrees from Universidad Unipanamericana and the University of La Salle.

M. Mahali Syarifuddin


Mahali is an Indonesian computer science graduate involved with Aksara di Nusantara, a group working to revive and celebrate the rich diversity of Indonesian writing systems.

Mairéad Fitzmaurice


Mairéad is the country manager for Twinkl Ireland. She previously worked as a substitute primary school teacher, and was an educational researcher on RTÉ HomeSchool Hub, a school programme broadcast during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Manuel Valdivia


Manuel is a college professor specialising in language pedagogy, and a consultant for bilingual education projects in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Guatemala. He is an author of school texts and methodological guides for teachers.

María Laura Lossio Zapata


Graduate of “Santo Domingo de Guzmán” Higher Pedagogical Institute, María has over 25 years experience working in Lima, Peru with initial and primary education school children, ages 2–8.

Markéta Cole

Czech Republic

Markéta is a graphic designer with a focus on book and print design. She is passionate about typography, which plays a central role in her work.

Marla Dominic García


Marla earned a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Robert Wesleyan University Rochester, NY. She is a bilingual school teacher and principal, with experience teaching elementary ages in Cuba and America.

Martin Tiefenthaler


Martin Tiefenthaler has over two decades of experience teaching semiotics and typography at ›die Graphische‹, Vienna. Credited with many publications, he is a regular speaker at type-related events. Along with Titus Nemeth, he conceived Prima, a typeface for learning to read and to write.

Martina Figusch Rozinajova


Martina is a graphic designer who lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia. She specialises in children’s books and has received several awards for her work in Slovakia.

Mary Luz Rúa Ruiz


A coordinator at the Tomas Rueda Vargas Technical College, Mary Luz has 20 years experience teaching in public and private schools, mostly at the preschool level.

Massimo Gonzato


An expert in handwriting, Massimo is the co-founder of SMED and Scrittura Corsiva with Monica Dengo. He offers training courses and workshops for teachers and students, and collaborates with various educational publishers.

Minna Harmanen


Minna is senior adviser at the Finnish National Agency for Education. She is a specialist in Finnish language and literature, and is passionate about education and the power of the written word.

Monica Dengo


Monica is a renowned calligrapher, designer, and artist known for teaching handwriting to adults and children. She founded Scrittura Corsiva, and developed the typeface Italica to teach Italic-style handwriting in Italy.

Namık Kemal Sarıkavak


Associate Professor at Gazi University, Gazi Education Faculty. Besides authoring 60 articles and eight books, he developed the TTKB font in 2017 with the Ministry of National Education in Turkey.

Nessa Kiernan


Currently a teacher at St. Mary’s NS in Donnybrook, Nessa has 18 years experience teaching in primary schools, both as a mainstream class teacher and in Special Education.

Nicolien van der Keur


Independent type and graphic designer from The Netherlands. Nicolien studied graphic design, then earned an MA from University of Reading in 2007, designing a typeface for high-density complex text environments, like dictionaries.

Ondřej Fučík

Czech Republic

Currently the Associate Dean of School of Art & Design at PCU, Ondřej studied design and ethnology, and specialises in visual communication, branding, and editorial design. He collaborates with publishers, NGOs, cultural institutions, and academia.

Onur Yazicigil


Istanbul-based typographer and design educator. Since 2009, he has taught graphic design and typography at Sabancı University. His doctoral research at Mimar Sinan University explored Ottoman Naskh typeface history.

Paulo Heitlinger


Paulo earned a PhD in nuclear physics before finding his true calling in communication. This led him to work in advertising, marketing, and design, which finally developed into a typography and type design career.

Peter Ogudoro


Award-winning educator, University of Reading alumnus, and founder of Nigerian Teachers, Dr Ogudoro is a respected voice concerning global education and is frequently sought out by media for educational issue analysis.

Petra Černe Oven


Petra Černe Oven is a designer and researcher with special interest in typography, information design and design history. PhD from University of Reading (UK), professor and a head of Chair of Theoretical Studies at the UL ALUO, Ljubljana (SI).

Petra Dočekalová

Czech Republic

Petra is a type designer and letterer. She finished her PhD studies on handwriting in 2020 at UMPRUM, Prague, and received the TDC Award for her diploma project on Czechoslovak calligraphy.

Radana Lencová

Czech Republic

Radana studied at UMPRUM, Prague. During her doctorate she designed Comenia Script®, a simple typeface for school children, which was officially recognised in the Czech Republic in 2012, and is also now used in Slovakia.

Renata Sperrhake


Renata is a professor at the Faculty of Education and at the Graduate Program in Education at UFRGS, Brazil. She holds degrees in pedagogy and education, as well as a doctorate in the latter.

Rosario Gildemeister


As an expert in Initial Literacy and Written Cultures, Rosario worked as a specialist in childhood, curriculum, initial literacy, and evaluation for the Peruvian Ministry of Education.

Sander Neijnens


Sander Neijnens is an independent graphic designer. He designed Blokschrift for Uitgeverij Zwijsen in 2013. Together with illustrator Ivo van Leeuwen he designed a typeface inspired by their hometown Tilburg.

Sara Inés Gomez Carrillo


Sara is the author of several children’s textbook series, such as Grafimanía, Letramanía, and Benteveo, all published by Kel Ediciones, Argentina.

Siniša Reberski


Croatian graphic artist, type designer, and ULUPUH Graphic Design Section member, Siniša graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, studied in Vienna, and has been teaching at the Academy since 1991.

Soledad Fontana


Graphic designer and typography specialist working professionally since 1994. FontAnita, Soledad’s typeface designed for teaching cursive writing, was selected for Tipos Latinos: 8th Biennial of Latin American Typography.

Tony de Marco


Tony de Marco is a Brazilian type designer, photographer, and editor of the magazine, Tupigrafia. His Samba typeface was one of the winners at Linotype’s 2003 International Type Design Contest.

Valeria Burgarón


Valeria is a teacher for Initial Level at Colegio Inmaculada Concepción, a private school in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Viviana Monsalve


With degrees from the National University of Colombia and FADU UBA, Viviana is a graphic designer who specialises in typography design. She currently works independently in font production and engineering.

Wolfgang Homola


Wolfgang Homola is an independent type and graphic designer based in Vienna. After his studies at ‘die Graphische’, he for Bohatsch Visual Communication in Vienna and for Harper Collins Publishers in London. In 2004, he received his MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK.

Yashi Pathak Batra


Yashi is a primary school teacher at the Bal Bhavan Public School in Delhi, India.